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A double lecture at the University of Leiden

Monday, 26 November, 2012
Organised by: 
Marc van Hasselt
Hannah Fraza
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 

At the invitation of Mark van Driessen, professor at the University of Leiden, Marc van Hasselt en Hannah Fraza from Archeon travelled to the university to give a lecture about Archeon and the EU projects Archeon has been involved in, with special emphasis on OpenArch. The audience consisted of third-year Bachelor Archaeology students and their professor.

We prepared two presentations: one on Archeon; its day-to-day activities and some of the ethical cases an openair museum should think about; and one on the international projects such as Delphi, Zeitgeist and of course OpenArch.

The goal was to introduce the subject of international cooperation and the unique challenges and opportunities this offers for AOAM and academia. The presentations were therefore general in nature (included in this report). Mark Driessen indicated that he has invited several guest speakers for this series of lectures, as well as talking about his own experiences with international projects. He heads an excavation and interdisciplinary project near Petra, Jordan, dealing with finds along the Limes Arabicus.

The response was positive, with interest by both students and professor in Archeon and the challenges of working with different partners spread over Europe. Mark Driessen also indicated he would like to give a lecture on his own projects at the conference in april 2013, in Archeon.


Marc van Hasselt in front of the students