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Demonstration of prehistoric music instruments by Mario Schramm

Sunday, 7 August, 2011
Mario Schramm (Musician, Ellerbek/Schleswig-Holstein, DE)
Dr. Rüdiger Kelm (AÖZA)
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
315 Participants
The course was designed and conducted by the musician Mario Schramm

Course for our educational staff to improve their skills for public demonstrations in producing, presenting and using reconstructed prehistoric wind instruments esp. lures from the Bronze Age; at the same time also our visitors in the Stone Age Park at that day – where we had an event called “Stone Age Mile” - had been involved in the course and could take a look at the instruments, got explanations and could listen to the music.

The course was conducted on a whole day (10.00 – 17.30); where it was open for the interested public at the park; Mr. Schramm presented prehistoric lures and other wind instruments; about 15 persons from the educational staff took part and about 300 visitors had been involved in the presentation, where we also gave information about the OpenArch-project and the funding by the EU.