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"Dalla Terra (mara) alla tavola": exhibition about food in the Terramare

Friday, 1 May, 2015 to Sunday, 25 October, 2015
Cristiana Zanasi, Elena Righi, Elisa Fraulini, Alessia Pelillo
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
6000 visitors

The 1st of May 2015 the Terramara Park of Montale inaugurated the exhibition “Dalla Terra(mara) alla tavola” (“From the earth to the table” with the word game terra(earth)mara), opened until 25th of October 2015(last opening day of Autumn season).
The exhibition related to EXPO 2015 food topics, disseminating about analysis and data connected to the food results from the archaeological site of Montale. Panels and original findings have been displayed for the first time in the excavation area, directly on the archaeological site. The visitors, conducted in the area by a guide-archaeologist, had the possibility to perfectly understand the importance of archaeological results: from the pottery to the tolls connected with agriculture, from the little seeds or pollens to the animal rests, usually considered as a waste by public.
Connected to the exhibition, about the relationship between Terramare and environment, the Park organized along the Spring and Autumn seasons several in-depth events: “Arco al Parco” (Bows at the Park)about hunting and food in the past, with tests of shoots for the public assisted by expert archers; “Archeojunior masterchef” a special creative workshop for little chefs using only typical food of bronze age (bread, cheese, honey, particular jams, nuts); “Archeologia del vino” (Archaeology of wine) about the beginning of wine production and consumption; a conference at the Archaeological Museum of Modena “La fine delle terramare: fra cambiamento ambientale e crisi di un modello economico e sostenibile” (The end of the terramare civilization: between environmental changes and crisis of an economical and social model) with the three professors Andrea Cardarelli (University of Rome, Sapienza), Mauro Cremaschi (University of Milano), Anna Maria Mercuri (University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, Orto Botanico).


Exhibition panel: Archaeobotanic
Exhibition panel: Environement
Exhibition panel: Fruits and seeds
Exhibition panel: Archaeozoology
Exhibition panel: Archaeozoology
Exhibition panel: people and environement
Exhibition panel: agriculture
Exhibition panel: farm animals
Exhibition panel: Cooking
ancient tastes at the terramara park
ancient tastes at the terramara park
ancient tastes at the terramara park
cooking bread in the kiln reconstructed at...
experimental plantations of barley, wheat,...
pottery used for food conservation,...
Exhibition in the excavation area at...
Exhibition in the excavation area at...