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Course “Music in prehistory” by Dr. Jean-Loup Ringot

Monday, 25 April, 2011
Dr. Jean-Loup Ringot (Museum Education, Hambergen/Lower Saxony, DE)
Dr. Rüdiger Kelm (AÖZA)
Number of Participants / Visitors / Audience: 
75 Participants
The course was designed and conducted by the archaeologist Dr. Jean-Loup Ringot

Course for our educational staff to improve their skills for public demonstrations in producing, presenting and using reconstructed prehistoric music instruments for our visitors; at the same time also our visitors in the Stone Age Park at that day had beein involved in the course and could take a look at the instruments and got explanations

The course was conducted on a whole day (9.30 – 16.30); we started with a scientific presentation in our conference room, from 11.00 it was open for the interested public at the park; Dr. Ringot presented prehistoric flutes, drums, lithophones, aerophones and other instruments; it was possible for the participants (also for the visitors) to produce own flutes from bones and wood; about 25 persons from the educational staff took part and about 50 visitors had been involved in the course; In follwowing up of the course there have been five seminars for schools classes and three courses for adults, where we could use the experiences from this course.