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Borger, the hunebed capital of the Netherlands - an example of city marketing based on archaeology

Thursday, 1 December, 2011 to Thursday, 31 December, 2015
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Borger, the hunebed capital of the Netherlands
In Borger, a cooperation has started consisting of the local government, touristic enterprises and the Hunebedcentre, which strives to brand the local territory as “the Hunebed capital of the Netherlands”. Since the largest hunebed of the Netherlands and the Hunebedcentre is located in Borger, the cooperation believes Borger does not sufficiently profile its image as the center of the Dutch “hunebedden”.
The first steps in ‘citymarketing’ have been taken. At the entrance of the village Borger, signs have been placed with the text Borger, hunebedhoofdstad. Moreover, a brand new newspaper Hunebedhoofdstadkoerier is now printed every season with information about the region, products and activities.