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1st Meeting of OpenArch, Calafell (CAT)

Monday, 24 January, 2011 to Friday, 28 January, 2011
Clara Masriera i Esquerra
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From January 24th to 28th the OpenArch project fired the starting shot in the Mediterranean town of Calafell. The organisation prepared a very complete agenda with different activities and a detailed work plan with introductory speeches and several meetings which made possible that partners could meet each other in person and take the first decisions to start building up the planning of the project in this first stage called “Inception Phase”, which it was considered to be finished after the next meeting to be held in Borger (NL).

The whole staff of OAM Calafell participated in the organisation of the meeting with enthusiasm and on Monday 24th, the day of arrivals, we went to pick up partners at El Prat Airport. The hotels were located close to the Medieval Castle and the Town Hall. In the evening, we had a welcome dinner with the presence of Mayor Jordi Sánchez and the Culture Councilor, Mrs Maria Teresa Cumplido.

On Tuesday 25th, we had a very intense work day. Partners walked down to Dependències Municipals in the beach area guided by one of our educators, Àssum. In the Dependències the staff helped with the Registration and the materials for the presentations (folders, translation devices,…) and also with the minutes and pictures (by Jaume and Manel). At 9:15h the meetings started with the welcome speeches by OAM Calafell Manager, Mrs Clara Masriera, the Mayor of Calafell, Mr Jordi Sánchez and Spanish CCP representative Mrs Tamar Lavado from the Ministry of Culture in Spain.

Clara Masriera made an introduction of the team. Tamar Lavado talked about the Culture Program framework. After that, Mr Geir Sør-Reime and Mr Roeland Paardekooper took the floor to present a project introduction describing the history of the project and its goals. After a short break, Roeland Paardekooper made a presentation of the work packages and the software monitoring tool. After lunch, Clara and Roeland made a presentation about
internal and external communication in OpenArch. The meeting ended around 18:00h with an informative session of the time table for 2011 and a presentation of the next conference by Roeland and The Hunebedcentrum (NL)representatives.

The next day was devoted to finances and legal framework. The session was carried out by Mr Albert Sorrosal and Mr Boris Meggiorin who explained to partnership important issues for the project such as eligibility of costs, expenditure verification, visibility rules and more. Albert also made an explanation about the financial and accounting tool. After lunch, Clara and Jaume moderated the Steering Committee meeting in which the first decisions were taken. Some of them were: Logo, management of th WP, financial points, teleconference meeting dates, calendar of meetings and seminar finances.

On the 27th, the closing day, Clara and Jaume attended the face to face meetings between the Management Team and each WP co-ordinators. While a WP was meeting with MT, Carme, Laura and Manel of OAM Calafell took the rest of partners (separated per WP) throughout our heritage locations. Anna, Lluis and Noèlia were working on the logistics and organization. After the
meetings and the guided tours, we had a typical “Calçotada” as lunch and after that a final tour to La Ciutadella before going to the Town Hall for the closing speeches by Mrs M. Teresa Cumplido, Calafell Culture Councilor.

In the evening, we went to the ancient shipyard in the beach area where Anna and Lluis made a guided tour through this place devoted to restore ships to keep alive the memories of Calafell as a fishermen town and the legacy. After that, we had a closing dinner which brought to completion the first meetings of this 5-year project.


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