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Work Packages

The work in OpenArch is divided in Work Packages. All Work Packages are the responsibility of the entire partnership, but one or two partner will coordinate them. The Steering Committee has the overall responsibility for all activities. Each Work Package Coordinator is responsible for the report of the Work Package and the Project Coordinator is responsible for assembling the final reports of all Work Package. The Project Coordinator is generally responsible for each Work Package and for overseeing the carrying out the decisions of the Steering Committee. All partners have equal responsibility for achieving the results of each Work Package and to participate in the Work Package activities. All partners are involved in the execution of each Work Package.

Project Management

The primary objective of this Work Package is to run the project professionally and smoothly through a committed and experienced project bureau, run by the Lead Partner. This will consist of a project manager, a financial manager, a first and a second advisor. The bureau runs the day to day coordination.

Improvement of Museum Management

The objective of this Work Package is to enhance competence among museums directors on management issues with specific relevance to archaeological open-air museums, including health and safety issues relating to open-air constructions, working conditions for staff outdoors, environmental and ‘greening’ issues.

The Dialogue with the Visitors

This Work Package focuses on the presentation of archaeology to the public. The partners have great expertise to present and working with living history for sites and their history. We help children, young people and adults of all ages to discover their own local history with our own method. A significant asset of archaeological open-air museums is that they do not attract a limited target group.

The Dialogue with Skills

This Work Package will give a strong focus on the people that do demonstrations of traditional skills like metalworking, textile working, pottery making, woodworking et cetera. There will be specialist workshops for this target group, most generally combined in time and space with the seminars. The workshops will be for specialists, where they will exchange experiences and discuss methods et cetera.

The Dialogue with Science

This Work Package will focus on experimental archaeology and how larger-scale experiments, as co-operation between scientists from all participating countries, can contribute to make the visitor experience at archaeological open air museums even better. Larger trans-national experiments are important, but there must also be a presentation aspect in the experiments, not just the scientific value.

The Dialogue with Museum Organisations

The objective of this Work Package is to link the archaeological open-air museums more closely to the museum world at large. Joint workshops will be organised with the ICOM committee CECA (on didactics and communication / education in museums), and with other relevant organisations.

Communication and Dissemination

The objective of this Work Package is to get more visibility and therefore acceptance of the co-organisers and archaeological open-air museums in general. We need to see how each museum can bring its own message better and define a common approach, ‘a brand’ for archaeological open-air museums in Europe.