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Wishes & Offers

Amgueddfa Cymru – St Fagans National History Museum (WLS)

Offers1) Shadowing our craftspeople (e.g. blacksmith)
2) Shadowing members of our curational, archival and collections management staff to provide experience
3) Shadowing members of our conservation staff in the monitoring of Historic Buildings and Galleries covering different areas
4) Assisting in preparation and delivery of major events (e.g Christmas NIghts)
5) Shadowing members of our Learning Staff (education courses for schools and outdoor learning events)
Wishes1) Training in craft skills
2) Chances to observe building maintenance procedures
3) Opportunities to learn more about re-enactment event management

Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (DE)

Offers1) Flintknapping and Tool making with Stone
2) Ceramic Production
3) Textile Production
4) Archery
Wishes1) Wood Working
2) Food Preparation and Production
3) Skin Preparation
4) Herbs And Medicine
5) event. Bronze Casting
6) event. Marketing and Management of Other Institutions

Archeon (NL)

Offers1) How to deal with large groups (schools, companies,…)
2) Large base in historical skills (i.e metalworking, pottery, woodworking, textiles etc)
3) We have 43 buildings and sites with a range from 8000 BC to 1350 AD
4) We can submerge the visitor in a different time with stories and stage dressing
5) A lot of events and fairs to see how they are executed
Wishes1) Historical skills
2) Use of New Media
3) Use of new and accurate archaeological discoveries

Arheološki Institut (RS)



Offers1) Hosting "small Staff Exchanges" on different themes that might not be covered by OpenArch partners using EXARC's network
2) Management of the AOAM's
3) Organization of a field trip to see other AOAM's in Europe
Wishes1) Participation of many museums in small groups of people visiting one or more sites learning a lot in few days of visit
2) Learn more about EA,how to apply that in museums and interest in including people in skills exchanging
3) To include EXARC members in staff exchanges to strenghten EXARC and benefit a organization

Fotevikens Museum (SE)

Offers1) Iron work (Iron from bog ore into malleable iron and the production of hardened steel for knives and fire steel
2) Bow making
3) Management of a Viking Market
4) Work of restoration of the reconstructed houses for mediation on AOAM
5) Participate in the educational activities of life interpretation
6) Workshop on historical cooking (participation)
7) Historical games and activities

Hunebedcentrum (NL)


Kierikkikeskus/Kierikki Stone Age Centre (FI)

Offers1) Working with Groups
2) Participation in Different Happenings
3) Participation in the excavation at a Neolithic settlement site
Wishes1) To know other partners' happenings and their organization
2) To know other partners' program services for visitors
3) Participation in Experimental Actions

La Ciutadella Ibérica de Calafell (CAT)

Offers1) Workshops: EA and Food (Bread) + Carpology
2) Educational and heritage involvement program (activities, events,…)
3) Management from different points of view.
Wishes1) Metal working
2) Wood working
3) Ceramic production
4) Textile production
5) Construction and maintenance of structures
6) Basketwork
7) Bone working

Parco Archeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terramara di Montale (IT)


University of Exeter(EN)