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Vegetal fibres crafts at St Fagans Craft Festival

Staff Exchange date: 
Wednesday, 27 May, 2015
As a result of La Ciutadella participation in OpenArch, I was appointed to be the staff member specialised in vegetal fibres crafts. The main goal of this exchange was to showcase my knowledge gained so far and share it to public, especially the work with esparto grass, a fibre used in Iberian context (Iron Age). Also another goal was to keep improving my skills with other fibres as flax with the tools brought by the University of Exeter. This exchange is part of our plan to gain knowledge and train skills for the cordage and basketry public workshops we are doing at La Ciutadella inspired by the OpenArch project and our contribution to the cordage experiment monitored by Dr Linda Hurcombe from the University of Exeter

The craft festival of St Fagans was one of the highlights of our plan to have a person at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell to have a person specialised in vegetal fibres crafts, because it was a good occasion to showcase my knowledge in a big event like this.

I was in the first stall so I was one of the firsts craftpeople who visitors could see in action. I could explain what I was doing with esparto grass and showed some examples of objects made with this fibre, also I could explain about the Iberian civilisation.

It was really great to have the possibility to work with the tools that the University of Exeter participants brought, especially the ones to work with flax. It gave me alot of ideas to implement flax works in activities happening in Calafell.

It was wonderful as well to share experiences with other craftspeople coming from many countries accross Europe and learn from their work.

During the other conference days, I attended the lectures and site visits of the program.

Number of Participants: 
Jasna Lesnjak


Jasna showing esparto and flax crafts to...