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On the Track of the Trap

Staff Exchange date: 
Monday, 15 June, 2015 to Tuesday, 23 June, 2015
Learning about the educational value and the practical use of the Stone Age wilderness trap path in Kierikki; Learning about traditional (finish) ways of hunting and fishing; Train the colleagues in Kierikki in special educational activities.

After the visit of the trap path in Kierikki and a meeting about the history and educational use of it, Werner Pfeifer could build 10 new traps for the museum in Kierikki. The lectures of Werner Pfeifer were visited by some staff and also public visitors.
The birch pit destillation failed due to unsuitable equipment of Werner Pfeifer - new lesson learned!
The Kierikki staff learned very quickly the advanced tricks of making fire with a bow drill and is now able to demonstrate it also for the public.
Two Weeks after the visit to Kierikki Werner Pfeifer built 10 Nordic Traps in the Stone Age Park in Albersdorf; here we gave the information that this new traps in Albersdorf are inspired by the traditional examples of Northern Finland.

The hospitality of the Kierikki Museum director, Leena Lehtinen, and her staff was exeptional warm. Thank you for that!

Number of Participants: 
Werner Pfeifer


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