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Staff Exchange between Archeon and Albersdorf

Staff Exchange date: 
Monday, 28 July, 2014 to Thursday, 31 July, 2014
Traveling from: 
- Bring up the communication and socialization level - Exchange ideas - Learn how the park works with visitors - Interact with, and watch the students

Positive observations
- Great thinking of how to entertain the people when there is not a person around to talk to;
- Werner has multiple activities and gladly participates with the audience. Even after opening hours he still entertained them (painting on slate, bow and arrow shooting);
- Beautiful Mesolithic homes built by Werner Pfeiffer
- They are planning to built out more: there are multiple ideas to make the Mesolithic site a better place. Werner is the one who has some freedom to work on this;
- They have space to spread out;
- Lots of information placed around and inside the houses;
- The students gave a lively atmosphere around the park.

Negative observations
- they still use modern techniques to built and attach houses and modern materials for some of the activities
- Some of the ‘’complete’’ outfits are not authentic: using normal glasses, pants, shoes, bracelets.
- Most of the historical buildings are not decorated from the inside. There are information plates instead.

About the students
- A few students were working in front of the Mesolithic homes. Unfortunately they were dressed in linen clothing and they had some modern materials with them. I could tell that Werner was not really happy about this, and we were not really amused as well.
- The students were working hard on projects, though their interaction with the public was poor. Only a few of them were really open to people, but most of them just worked hard on their projects.
Remarkable/notable observations
- They are always closed on Mondays. This time they opened the park on Monday, because the students were there. But probably there wasn’t much publicity about this, because there were less to none visitors that day. Too bad, because there was a lot going on!
- The public reacts on information to be found in papers and on the internet. There was a lot of publicity when we were there, even about us. But that was at the end of the whole organization, so even if the public really wished to see us and/or the students, they were to late.

There was a lady on Wednesday which came to see us (the Dutch girls), because she read about us in the newspaper. Only we were at the chalk mine that last day. She was a bit bummed about that.
- The beautiful huts which were built by Werner Pfeiffer are not reconstructions from actual finds. It’s his interpretation of how people might have built these houses, and also thought about the way the park and the visitors could handle this optimally. He actually also got a few ideas from the Mesolithic homes from Archeon.

Number of Participants: 
Lucia Ros
Liza van Rijn