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Organisation and Management of an Open Air Museum

Staff Exchange date: 
Wednesday, 12 August, 2015 to Saturday, 15 August, 2015
Traveling to: 
- Getting new information and ideas for the work of both institutions about marketing and educational programmes; - Learning about the Organisation of bigger events; - Evaluation (of the visitor reactions in Foteviken)

The visit in Foteviken Viking Museum, especially the meetings and the discussions with the colleagues, gave a lot of new ideas and inspiration for the future work in Albersdorf.
By observing the visitors (as "undercover visitor") many interesting results and new information could be gained for Fotevikens Museum.
The collection of important information data about marketing, organisation etc. from Foteviken was very helpful and will be (in some form and if it is possible) also used for the further development of the Steone Age Park in Albersdorf.
A first step was here already the information of the Staff on Albersdorf about the results (in a first step about practical issues like setting up a board with the tasks of the different persons working in the park).
Further results and information (f. e. about the evaluation) you can see in the attached report.
Thank you very much to all kind and helpful colleagues in Foteviken!

Number of Participants: 
Rüdiger Kelm


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