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Management and Marketing at the Hunebedcentrum in Borger

Staff Exchange date: 
Monday, 19 November, 2012 to Thursday, 22 November, 2012
Traveling to: 
To learn about other museum concepts and their specific way to marketing the museum.
To learn about the management of the museum (Entrance, visitor systems, parking, staff etc.).
To learn about the merchandise and the product-strategy of the museum.
To learn about the organisation/management of the visitor groups.

In Albersdorf it is planned to built up a museum building and modern exhibition directly at the OpenAir-Museum area. At the moment it is a problem that the (traditional) museum is located more than 1 km away from the open air-museum, which is not very comfortably for our visitors.

With the OpenArch-Staff Exchange of two staff members of the AÖZA in Albersdorf, Mr. Wolfgang Johannsen (from the AÖZA) and Mr. Manfred Trube (from the Support Society of the AÖZA), we got the opportunity to visit a recently opened museum with its modern exhibition in Borger. The architecture, the (technical) equipment, the structure of the exhibition rooms, the displayed objects etc. were very impressive for us and we could learn a lot “only” from that. Also a view behind the public exhibition and the public accessible rooms was very important for us to get an impression of the work of a very active modern museum. This is surely the reason that the Hunebebcentrum got in 2008 the award for the “Best archaeological museum of the year” in the Netherlands.

At the Staff Exchange all planned dates and parts of the programme could be realized, we had all time very friendly support of the staff members of the Hunebedcentrum. All goals of our visit could be achieved.

At the end of our short visit we had a little excursion with two colleagues of Borger to fascinating and very well preserved archaeological monuments in the Borger area.

Thank you very much for all the friendly and very qualified guided tours, visits and discussions in Borger! In general the visit in Borger was very uncomplicated, warm and pleasant, from the accomodation in the Hotel Bieze in Borger to the food. But especially the colleagues Hein Klompmaker, Harrie Wolters, Nadine Lemmers, Wim Kort and all the other people in Borger, who made our visit very pleasant and fruitful.

For the future we wish all the best for the colleagues of the Hunebedcentrum and for their fantastic and inspiring institution!

Number of Participants: 
Wolfgang Johannsen
Manfred Trube