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From Iberian Land to Viking Market: gaining knowledge of managing events in AOAMs

Staff Exchange date: 
Tuesday, 23 June, 2015 to Friday, 26 June, 2015
Traveling to: 
The purpose of this exchange was to learn about event organisation management in occasion of the Foteviken Viking Market and participate in the handicrafts of the Viking Days. Both goals were achieved though we would have liked to be more involved with Foteviken staff for handicrafts showcase. We intend to use what we have learnt for implement new demonstrations for the public in future events and learn approaches and also on the management side as Fotevikens Museum has a lot of experience and know-how. We could not participate in the smiths workshop (we did not find specific timetables). We attended the workshops coordinated by the University of Exeter, we shadowed storytellers from Foteviken staff, visited the market, shadowed administration works for vikings registration, shadowed organisers for mediation, quality control and volunteers management, participated in staff coordination meetings and participated in King Björn's Viking Market opening procession

The experience was so satisfactory for La Ciutadella staff involved. In the beginning, we felt a bit out place as there was no specific planing for us but we managed to achieve our goals by shadowing handicrafts and event management.

The organisation was very well prepared. We had the opportunity to attend the coordination meetings with staff and we learnt about their internal organisation. They all knew what were their tasks during the day.

We shadowed Björn to learn how he was dealing with the participants and how he monitored quality control. Also we could learn on their management system for viking registration which proved to be very efficient. As the festival we organise in Calafell is still so young (only 5 editions so far) this exchange has been very interesting to learn management issues.

As for handicrafts, as said before, we expected to get more involved with staff for assisting in the hands-on activities but we realised it was a different concept. However, we could shadow handicrafts processes by both partners (Foteviken and Exeter)and external participants so this goal was achieved in a different way. It was especially interesting for us to learn on the fish skinning and tanning workshop because it provided to gain knowledge on this particular field.

Last but not least, we could actively participate in King Björn's procession for Viking Market opening. For that, we had the opportunity to get dressed in historical clothing. That was a nice experience too.

All in all, a very profitable experience for the Calafell staff. Thanks to OpenArch cooperation we were able to learn how very an experienced AOAM as Fotevikens Museum organises a big event for public and for sure this knowledge will be a useful input when preparing events.

Thanks to Björn, Thomas, Sofie, Christophe, Jackie and all staff at Fotevikens Museum and Linda, Theresa, Matt and Mike from the University of Exeter for sharing your knowledge with us.

Number of Participants: 
Manel Gómez
Anna Cardona
Oriol Saura