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Experimental days at Steinzeitpark Albersdorf

Staff Exchange date: 
Thursday, 18 July, 2013 to Tuesday, 23 July, 2013
Traveling from: 
Since Viminacium staff is currently working on the theoretical part of designing a prehistoric part of the archaeological park, they wanted to pay a visit to a prehistoric open-air museum.
Having direct insight at the constructions and the landscape in order to discuss what could be done at the archaeological park Viminacium.

The visit to Albersdorf was a success in every possible way. Both Emilija and Milica were exploring all that can be done in a prehistoric open-air museum. They tried making pottery, making jewelry pieces of bones and even flint knapping. The experiments they whitnessed included textile making, processing wood, prehistoric cooking and bronze casting.
Emilija took a close look at many of the prehistoric reconstructions, concluding that many of similar buildings can be built in the archaeological park Viminacium. Further on, many of the activities mentioned above could also be performed in Viminacium, both with archaeology students from the University of Belgrade and with visitors, especially children and youth. The landscape of the Stone Age Park Albersdorf, with its hills, forests and ponds, represents a special feature of the site, which, as an idea, is also applicable in Viminacium. Since some of the studens from the University of Hamburg performed many experiments and were also accomodated in the Stone Age Park, it was interesting to find out about their experiences of "living in the Stone Age".

Number of Participants: 
Milica Tapavički - Ilić
Emilija Nikolić


Making a figurine of bone by Emilija
Being instructed how to shoot bow and arrow