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7th Experimental Archaeology Conference at Cardiff

Staff Exchange date: 
Thursday, 10 January, 2013 to Sunday, 13 January, 2013
Examine some materials of the National Museum Cardiff Bronze Age collections and have an exchange of ideas on issues of metallurgical craft of the period, with the possibility of establishing a dialogue and a collaboration between the two museums. Attend the 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference UK hosted by St Fagans Museum to learn about the development of experimental archaeology in Europe. Present the results of recent experiments on the metallurgy of Terramare culture developed within Work Package 4 “Dialogue with Skills”.

We had the possibility to visit the collection of the museum with experts as guides.
We participated with posters to the Conference and we followed the entire event as auditors.
We attended the experimental archaeology conference with our demonstration about bronze casting.
All our goals were achieved, in fact some of the most important goals of the OA project are to share knowledge and techniques about our common heritage. We think that we had the opportunity to develop both thanks to this staff exchange. We improved the themes of different work packages of the project: WP 4 dialogue with skills, WP 3 dialogue with visitors, WP 5 dialogue with science.
We came back home more conscious about other museum’s organisation, staff, collection and dialogue with visitors and science and we are sure that our presentation of posters (science) and bronze casting (skill) also contributed to the entire event, which was very well organised and had a big success of public.

We planned to continue by improving our tasks in translating scientific knowledge in a succesfull dialogue with the visitors of the Terramara Park. We will soon organise a meeting with other people of our staff in order to show them pictures of our stage and also to share new knowledge.
Thank you to everybody in Cardiff.

Number of Participants: 
Monia Barbieri
Claudio Cavazzuti
Luca Pellegrini
Federico Scacchetti


posters at the conference
presentations by cardiff museum
bronze casting at Cardiff
sand and swords
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