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October 2015: Calafell – Finale (CAT)

Tuesday, 6 October, 2015 to Friday, 9 October, 2015

The last meeting of OpenArch partnership takes place in October in Calafell (Tarragona). The goal of this activity is to take the last decisions regarding the project and make assessments of the project results. Although the program is mostly focused on internal meetings among the OpenArch partners, there are also parallel activities open to the public like the seminars about museum management and communication on Day 1,  a visit to the Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the activities scheduled at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell during the European Heritage Days in Catalonia (9-11 October).

Additional information:
Manel Gómez
Anna Triadó

Please See Report from this meeting