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June 2014: The Value and Scale of the Experimental Archaeology Approach - Conference on the Dialogue with Science (Oulu FI)

Wednesday, 11 June, 2014 to Sunday, 15 June, 2014

The VII Conference of OpenArch took place in Finland. The conference introduced the archaeology of the region and then focussed on the value of the experimental approach to studying and presenting the past. The sessions focussed on the dialogue with science and its links to ancient structures, skills, technologies and study techniques. On the first day we presented Ancient monuments and some interesting research relating specifically to Northern Finland. The second day featured presentations and experiments. We also explored modern skills and new technologies for enhancing the visitor experience. On the last day there were further presentations and we also visited Oulu Museum and Science Centre Luuppi, including exhibition about "Age of the Dinosaur".

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Hannele Kinnunen or Mrs Riina Veijo.

See the Report from this meeting incl presentations.