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Arheološki Institut (RS)

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The Arheološki Institut in Belgrade (the National Archaeological Institute) is performing archaeological research since 1947. They have research programmes, publish in a variety of ways, do public archaeology and reconstruct buildings.
Viminacium is an ancient Roman site on the right bank of the Danube in eastern Serbia. In an area of about 450 ha are the remains of a military camp, a city and cemeteries. Remains of a Roman bath, a mausoleum and one of the gates of the military camp can be seen, as well as a replica of a Roman villa.

They apply experimental archaeology as well as living history. One of their famous locations is the Viminacium open-air museum and archaeological site. Several Roman Emperors have been here but finds also include older (Iron Age) remains. At present you will find here a (re)constructed Roman Villa which not only is home to the yearly excavation campaigns but also houses an indoor museum and restaurant. From here, guided tours through the archaeological territory are organised.
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Viminacium - Roman Villa reconstruction
Viminacium - Amphitheatre, finds
Viminacium - Mausoleum, finds
Viminacium - Roman Villa reconstruction