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OpenArch - Second Try

In early Summer, we have taken up working on the application again. We have one new partner in the project, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (WLS), taking the place of our Latvian partner, and we have also taken some extra consultants on board. The application is being scrutinized by the partners, consultants, the EXARC Board and the project leaders. For this purpose, we have had two different business meetings in Catalonia and one in Germany...

Reply from Brussels

Today we received message from Brussels that OpenArch received 75 points out of 100. This is 1 point short to be accepted. However, we score well on the quality of partnership, level of output, long term impact and European added value. We have decided to try a second time, with a better application.

The application for OpenArch sent to Brussels

A hectic Summer ended when by the end of September 2009 the application for OpenArch was sent to Brussels. Following the success of liveARCH, EXARC decided to hand in a new application (OpenArch), which will be with the same kind of archaeological open-air museums, but with some other emphasis. It took about 400 hours by the coordinating team and probably just as much by the 10 museums to get it ready, but it was worth it...

Meetings in Callafel (CAT) and Herbertingen (DE)

After a planning meeting in Calafell (CAT) in April 2009, an important meeting took place in Herbertingen (DE) in May where the plans were discussed in great detail between the majority of the co-organisers. This gave enough input for planning meetings in Calafell (CAT) in June and September. The Summer months were scene of intensive partner search and once a museum agreed...

The origin of the OpenArch idea

The idea for a new cooperation project emerged between EXARC members at their Annual General Meeting in February 2008 in Nykøbing (DK). Representatives of Calafell took part and volunteered for coordination. In the shadow of several international conferences (Norway, Germany, Italy, Malta) the ideas were further shaped. At the AGM of EXARC in Modena in March 2009 the members of EXARC gave their full support to turning this idea into a new application, meaning the preparation team could gear up.