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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/08

Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference (REARC), USA

REARC 2016 This year’s theme for the REARC Conference is ‘contextualizing the past’.  The conference takes place 18 – 20 November in Colonial Williamsburg. This is a unique chance to not only see the latest experimental archaeology from the States, but also to get a close and sometimes behind the screens look at the crafts and interpretation in Colonial Williamsburg.
Please register for the conference  HERE or send in your proposal for a paper to

Internships with EXARC members

We know that many of our members offer internships for students or young professionals. On the other hand, we also have members and students who are very interested to take up an internship in our fields of interest. Please let us know if you have room for an intern and if so, what the demands are. We likely share that with other members and occasionally mention those internships in our social media.  

Your Advert in the EXARC Journal Digest

In November, EXARC will publish its second Digest of the year. Counting about 36 pages full of information on experimental archaeology and more, not only do we reach our 250 members in 40 countries, it will also be shared with the 100 participants of the 10th International Conference on Experimental Archaeology in April 2017 in Leiden (NL). The EXARC Journal Digest, together with our website, truly is the flagship of EXARC.
 EXARC offers its members the chance of placing an advert at 50% discount. This means, for already 100 EUR you have a quarter of a page, and the outside back is available for only 500 EUR. The prices you see online in our overview are cut in half for our members:

Adverts in Digest
 Please contact us before 15 October if you like to advert through us. 

Please pay your feesPlease pay your fees

From all invoices we sent in January for the membership fees, 20% still is not paid. If you are one of these late members, please pay as soon as possible because EXARC cannot survive without this. Those members who have not paid yet will be reminded personally in September.
Just to make clear, there is no such thing in EXARC as membership renewal: all members remain member unless they tell us they want to stop – but this message to cancel your membership should arrive with us two months before the end of your last year of membership. Of course we are happy if you stay with us, but if your intention is to leave, please let us know early enough.  Many thanks.

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director