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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/04

Butser Ancient Farm

New EU Project Application Submitted

Led by Butser Ancient Farm, a consortium of six EXARC members recently applied for EU funding for an adult learning project on volunteers in archaeological open-air museums. The project, by the name ‘Voluntarius’ includes both experienced and ‘new’ partners from the UK, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.
EXARC congratulates the partners with the application and calls other members to contact us if they are interested in similar EU cooperation projects. The hardest thing is to find Lead. Contact us at if you are interested in joining or leading a project.

Reinventing EXARC

Reinventing EXARC

At the EXARC conference in March we had a few good discussions with the 30 members present. This article sums up most of these ideas:  CLICK HERE.
Should EXARC be more open-access? Can we strengthen our online member profiles and still be often in face-to-face contact with you? We intend to take this discussion further and ask you to comment to us about this  by email.

EXARC Auction

EXARC Auction

The auction is a great way for EXARC to earn a little more money as well as advertising our members. Previously we had a metallurgy course from Butser Ancient farm on it and an obsidian knife made by Douglas Meyer. Presently we have a  Buckskin Hide Tanning Course (Brain Tanning) - Ravenbridge, Cumbria (UK) - 22nd-24th of April 2016 for auction as well as several books like for example  Spanish proceedings on experimental archaeology.
We call our members to add new things and activities to our auction! Please contact us by email at You can find the auction  HERE


Please Pay Your Fees

EXARC’s most important source of income are the members’ fees. We can only keep the association up and running if you pay. We sent invoices in January of which 50% is paid by now. We urge the others to please come up and pay the invoice we sent you so we can continue with publishing the EXARC Journal, keeping the website up and running and much more.


The New EXARC Board

At the Annual General Meeting, we said goodbye to our now ex-treasurer, Luc Eekhout. With his help, we also reached the end of the five year EU Project OpenArch and we are still in good shape, finance wise. With a few changes and two new people, the present Board mirrors different interest groups in EXARC:
> Bill Schindler, Chair (University, USA)
> Martin Schmidt, Vice Chair (Museum, individual member, DE)
> Javier Baena Preysler, Secretary (University, ES)
> Claus Detreköy, Treasurer (Representing a network, CH)
> Maura Stefani, Board Member (AOAM, IT)
> Aidan O’Sullivan, Board Member (University, IE)
> Milica Tapavički-Ilić, Board Member (AOAM, RS)
> Pascale Barnes, Board Member (AOAM, UK)

More details:  HERE

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director