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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/03

EXARC Journal, new issue out

EXARC Journal 2016-1

We recently published the first EXARC Journal of the year, online; with 4 articles open access and 5 articles for members only. Among the members-only articles there is an inspirational article by Luke Winter on  The Role of Fundamental Education in the Heritage Industry as well as  experiments on burnt pig bone and   Roman glass as well as  salt production. We also have some lessons from a  study of reenactment.

Open Access are three book reviews and a  review of the National Geographic Series "the Great Human Race" with EXARC vice Chair Bill Schindler starring.
See all at:

Also from February 15th 2016, all 16 articles in  EXARC Journal 2014-1 are open access.

EXARC Journal needs Reviewers

We review every article we publish in the EXARC Journal both on content and on language. For the articles on open-air museums as well as on interpretation we are looking for more reviewers. Four times annually, you will receive a small number of articles to review. You do not need to check the English. You see where with a few improvements the articles can become much better and mark the complete nonsense (if any). Are you a museum person or a re-enactor with a small bit of time for EXARC? Please contact  Roeland Paardekooper.

EXARC Auction going well

EXARC calls on its members and supporters to help reinvent EXARC. This auction is to raise funds for EXARCs new website. Items are brought in by EXARC itself and its members – all proceeds go to EXARC. Have you got something we can auction? Please contact us? Is there anything you like? Please check

EXARC Digest 2011-2015
EXARC euroREA 2006-2010, 5 issues

The first publication by EXARC was the Journal EuroREA. Although the issues 2004-2005 are sold out, we still have the five issues of the years 2006-2010. Some of the articles in this A4 glossy magazine are in French, but 98% is in English, all edited by the dedicated EXARC editing team. These EuroREA Journals were printed in a very small circulation and have articles mainly about experimental archaeology and also a bit about archaeological open-air museums. EuroREA is thicker than the EXARC Journal, allowing for longer articles. The total number of pages of this bundle of EuroREA is 388! More details:

Minimum Price for the set: € 35 excl P&P
Contact:  Roeland Paardekooper

EXARC Digest 2011-2015
1,376 pages on Spanish Experimental Archaeology

The Iberian Association Experimenta hosts probably the world's largest conferences on experimental archaeology. So far, they published proceedings of three conferences: 2007, from the conference in Santander (343 pages, 34 articles) 2011, from the conference in Ronda (509 pages, 62 articles) 2013, from the conference in Burgos (524 pages, 59 articles) This huge collection of 145 articles covers all recent scientific work on experimental archaeology in and around Spain! Needless to say the books are all in Spanish.

Minimum Price: € 70 excl P&P
Contact:  Roeland Paardekooper

Stone Age AFM Oerlinghausen
Proceedings-Book about Archaeology and Crafts

The book "Archaeology and Crafts - Experiences and Experiments on traditional skills and handicrafts in Archaeological Open-Air Museum ins Europe" sums up the results of the International Conference in Albersdorf in autumn 2013, as well as further research of the OpenArch-Project in the framework of the Workpackage No. 4. Priorities are set up by research on prehistorical working with stone, on early bronzecasting and practical usage of prehistoric tools...

Minimum Price:  € 8 excl P&P
Contact:  Roeland Paardekooper

New EXARC Project

A group of EXARC members, led by Butser (UK), is setting up an ERASMUS+ project on volunteers in archaeological open-air museums. The deadline is nearing and if all goes well, this cooperation project with partners from all corners of Europe will start in summer and last for two years. More information, please mail  Roeland Paardekooper.

EXARC Annual General Meeting

10 – 13 March, EXARC meets in Leiden, NL. The program includes our annual general meeting as well as several presentations by members like EXARC vice chair Bill Schindler on “The Great Human Race Series” by National Geographic as well as Artūrs Tomsons on “Skills and knowledge: Some conclusions after the organizing experimental archaeology camp in Āraiši archaeological museum park, Latvia during 2013-2015”.

Meeting in Leiden

More information and registration at:

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director