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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/01

EXARC meets in March

10-13 March, EXARC meets in Leiden (NL) to discuss its future. We will be a small but dedicated group and have important plans, among others for a new website, which will link our 250 members better. Almost all board members will be present as well as several people from the secretariat. Questions on open-air museums or experimental archaeology? Come and ask!

Meeting in Leiden
More details including registration form:

Looking for EU Project Partners

Two ERASMUS+ projects of 24 months each are in the making, one revolving around volunteers and one about refugees and archaeological open-air museums. Interested to join? Please contact  Roeland Paardekooper.

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

Fundraising EXARC, we need your support

EXARCs fundraising goes well: we collected about 800 EUR so far. Please share our page with your friends and colleagues and ask all to donate to EXARC:

Our big thanks to all supporters of EXARC.

EXARC Auction

EXARC calls on its members and supporters to help reinvent EXARC. This auction is to raise funds for EXARCs new website. Items are brought in by EXARC itself and its members – all proceeds go to EXARC. See something you like? Send your bid to the contact email in the body of the text. Do you have something for the auction?
Please contact Roeland Paardekooper.

A few samples below, more at

EXARC Digest 2011-2015
EXARC Journal Digest 2011-2015, 7 issues

Over the recent five years, EXARC published 7 Journals, all in full colour. The EXARC Journal is only sent to the about 250 members of EXARC. The years 2011-2013 saw only a single issue per year, 2014-2015 saw two. The Journals are in English with the finest contributions we collected on experimental archaeology, archaeological open-air museums and much more from all corners of the world. These over 250 pages can be yours if you bid right...
More details:

Minimum Price for the set: € 35 excl P&P
Contact:  Roeland Paardekooper

EXARC Digest 2011-2015
Bulletin of Experimental Archaeology 1980-1989

Dive into the history of experimental archaeology with this rare collection of the Bulletin of Experimental Archaeology, as published by the University of Southampton in the 1980s. It is a treasure trove of small articles, book reviews, descriptions of conferences and much more, photo copied and bound in a hard cover. The set is complete: no issue was made before or after these 10 years! Find out who-was-who in experimental archaeology back in the early days!

Minimum Price: € 50 excl P&P
Contact:  Roeland Paardekooper

Stone Age AFM Oerlinghausen
VIP at the Stone Age days in Oerlinghausen

The open-air museum in Oerlinghausen offers a four-day Stone Age treatment for one person. Dates are 26-29 May 2016, location is in Oerlinghausen near Bielefeld in Germany, A group of about six Stone Age re-enactors will spend these four days in making fire, cooking, flint knapping, hide work and much more Stone Age activity. You can be part of this group, sleeping in a Mesolithic hut and much more...

Minimum Price: € 100

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director