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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/13

Reinventing EXARC

It’s been a good year for the Association with many plans for the future. We intend to reinvent EXARC online as a true networking association. For this we need your help! Thanks to members and fans, we already got 500 USD together through different channels including our PayPal account

Please support us with a donation and forward the link to our fundraising to all those who care about experimental archaeology, archaeological open-air museums and EXARC:

With our website on archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology, we reach about 100,000 people annually. We are now raising funds to reach more people and more effectively. We are the largest ones worldwide working with the themes of experimental archaeology and archaeological open-air museums and have acquired a lot of information and attention; with the funds raised we can improve greatly.

If all goes well and we collect enough, we can build a new website over summer 2016. Gifts can be as small as 2 USD but for 25 USD and more we have nice perks!

OpenArch Digest OpenArch Digest
$25 Our Eternal Gratitude plus
Our Eternal Gratitude. Mention on a special page on our website 1 year free subscription to EXARC Journal online.

$50 Free Subscription
1 year free subscription to EXARC Journal online AND printed Digest

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

EXARC wishes all its members happy Holidays. For most of us, the End of December is the time to conclude the year, look back and anticipate what is going to change in 2016. EXARC hosts a meeting in March in Leiden (NL) where members will discuss and decide what is important for EXARC for the near future. You are welcome to join us, more information at:

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director