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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2015/12

EXARC Crowdfunding – reinventing EXARC

Fundraising EXARC, we need your support

EXARC aims to reinvent itself. In five years, we tripled the number of members and we have 10 times as many visitors to our website. We need your support to raise funds for a new awesome interne presence.

If every member would donate $25 / € 25 - we would reach our goal!

Please fund us, and share the message that we need money with your colleagues, friends, and fans. You may have a Holiday Season Newsletter where this would fit in very nicely.  Read More

Our big thanks to all supporters of EXARC.

Special Issue - OpenArch EXARC Digest Journal 2015-2 ready

The second Digest of this year is on its way to you! With OpenArch coming to the end, EXARC decided to publish a special issue of Digest - dedicated to OpenArch.

We asked the OpenArch partners to write about their best experiences, summarizing their role in OpenArch and what they learned.

In the Digest we published six peer-reviewed articles (divided between AOAM and Interpretation), and five Mixed Matters.

OpenArch Digest

Wanted: candidates for EU Projects

We are planning four small size EU projects, so called ERASMUS+ KA2 actions. These bring together about six EXARC members for a period of two years around a subject which involves education. The ideas are:

ok Certification for archaeological open-air museums (this includes an education element, for example management training)
ok Use of volunteers – how to attract them, keep them, manage them etc.
ok Refugees, hands on, society and archaeological open-air museums
ok University graduate training, and how AOAMS might benefit from research. Training in how cultural and natural heritage is communicated at museums and centres.

If you are interested to join any of these projects or like to know more, please let us know before the end of December by emailing  Roeland Paardekooper.

EXARC Online Journal 2015-4 publihed

EXARC Journal 2015-4

The fourth online issue of the 2015 EXARC Journal contains 17 articles divided over two sections. 15 articles are open access (OpenArch related and Mixed Matters), two are for EXARC Members only.

It includes one article from the special OpenArch Crafts Issue and 7 from Digest Special OpenArch Issue.

In this issue you can also find  two articles on making museums and heritage sites more accessible for people with disabilities.

With regards,

Dr Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC Director