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OpenArch in Mérida (ES)

The OAM Calafell was invited by the Regional Culture and Education Ministry of the Government of Extremadura and the Association of Cultural Managers of Extremadura to deliver a lecture in the framework of the Industrial and Creative Conferences that took place on December 3-4, 2012 in Mérida...

Openarch First Exeter Workshop October 6th-11th 2012

The workshop organized by University of Exeter, Department of Archaeology (UK), aims to provide a solid grounding in the methods and pedagogies of experimental archaeology and present a variety of examples to show how these principles can be put into practice...

Meeting in Sweden successful

Over 120 people met for our conference in Foteviken, Sweden last week and it was a great success. All in all, over 20 countries were represented Not only EXARC and OpenArch members were present, also members of IMTAL Europe, NOOAM and the Swedish Heritage Board as well as many individuals...

EXARC Journal Digest 2012 ready

The 2012 EXARC Journal Digest is ready to get printed as we speak. All members receive a free copy. You will find articles on for example adult learning in archaeological open-air museums, how to deal with Iron Age horses, a South Korean archaeological festival and Minoan double axes...

Operational Manager on tour

Over the months June and July, the OpenArch Operational Manager met with eight of the eleven partners in the project in person. Discussions were about the state of progress, issues regarding the interim report and travel details for the near future, including our upcoming meeting in Sweden. We exchanged thoughts on how things could be improved, both in the project structure as how partners deal with it in their own organisation.

Many congrats to St Fagans

Recently, a millions-pounds application with the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop and enrich the St Fagans Museum has been awarded. The National Museum Wales will develop Llys Rhosyr, one of the courts of the princes of Gwynedd, where school children will be able to stay overnight.

Young archaeologist and amber find

On July 17th 2012 the first amber find found at the Kierikki Stone Age Centre since 2007 was found by 11 year old Hedvig Hautala during the public excavations held at the centre in Oulu region Finland. Hedvig was visiting the Kierikki Stone Age Centre with her brother and godparents when she uncovered pieces of an amber disc pendant.

Shadowlands exhibition from Wales tours to the Netherlands

Early June, cooperation between the Hunebedcentrum (NL) and St Fagans (WLS) resulted in an exhibition. This is a presentation of Welsh megalithic monuments, their history and purpose through times. ‘Shadowlands’ as the exhibition is called would never find its way to the Netherlands if not both museums had met in the backdrop of the OpenArch project...

EXARC Journal Issue 2012/2 out

The second issue of the online EXARC Journal is out now. It contains 13 articles under ‘mixed matters’ which are open access, including book and conference reviews, an interview and an extensive discussion on reconstruction in situ. The other two categories, on archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology, are members only and contain another six more lengthy articles...

18th EXARC meeting, Modena 2012

On April 14, the EXARC AGM took place at Parco Montale in Italy. This AGM took place in the shoulder of a large bronze casting workshop with participants from over 8 countries. 2011 was the first time EXARC's finances were handled by a registered accountant - needed because of the increasing responsibilities in EXARC. 2011 saw a successful relaunch of EXARCs Journal and...


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