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Activities and Products

Making prehistoric clothing for bronze age and iron age period

Living history will be more important at the Hunebedcentrum. Especially in 2015 after finishing the prehistoric houses. We like to learn from our partners what kind of clothing they used and how to reproduce it.

More designs for DVDs made within OpenArch project

With the OpenArch project coming to the end we are working on the design of several small extra products, like another DVD cover and label. This time we prepared two designs:

Special Issue - OpenArch EXARC Digest Journal 2015-2

With OpenArch coming to the end, EXARC decided to publish a special issue of Digest - dedicated to OpenArch. We asked the partners to write about their best experiences, summarizing their role in OpenArch and what they learned.


As part of efforts to expand the Dialogue with the Visitor, Archeon has decided to develop an audio tour. While many museums already include such tours as part of their visitor experience, the rise of digital media has created a new market for online apps that provide a similar function.

Project coordination: the partners' Steering Committee in Wales

The latest big event of OpenArch happened at St Fagans – National Museum Wales and one of the activities for the delegates was a site visit to the Big Pit Museum where we could learn about the story of miners in South Wales. In one of the museum rooms, it took place the project’s SCM with partners’ delegates.

Accessibility, staffing, maintenance: touring the new roundhouses at St Fagans

One of the main products from Work Package 2 are the new roundhouses at St Fagans. These roundhouses have been built as a result of a careful review of building management practices at the museums of the different OpenArch partners, as well as...

Sleepovers and volunteers: presentation from the Ancient Technology Centre at the St Fagans conference

During the St Fagans Conference, Luke Winter, Director of the Ancient Technology Centre, gave an inspirational talk on the role of his organisation in delivering sleepover experiences for school children, and the place of volunteers in the ATC.

Transport links to museums: presentation by the Scottish Crannog Centre at the St Fagans conference

Barrie Andrian provided a wide-ranging and thought-provoking paper at the St Fagans conference on managing open-air museums. Drawing on her own experience at the Scottish Crannog Centre she explored a number of themes...

Green issues: presentation on managing the St Fagans farm and gardens at the St Fagans conference

Environmental issues are of increasing importance in all organisations. As part of the St Fagans conference the opportunity was taken to introduce OpenArch delegates to the ways in which these issues are addressed in two key areas: garden and farm management.