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Activities and Products

Tar burning workshop

As a follow up and further research and mediation were tar burning on Foteviken after the workshop in the Kierikki Stone Age Centre

Guideline Manual – A Handbook about Experiences and Results from the Workpackage 4 The Dialogue with Skills

On EXARC Journal (in Themed collections) it is now available the "Guideline Manual - Handbook about Experiences and Results from the OpenArch Workpackage 4.

Iron melting workshop

Iron production and blacksmith crafts is a strong and recurring mediation concept based on research. Every year since 2011 we have been doing a workashop with participating scientists and craftsmen from all over Europe under the leadership of our own blacksmith Łukasz Szczepański.

Iberian craft workshops days

In the 2015 Spring time activity program at Calafell's Historical heritage, we have offered to the public a wide range of activities, some of them related to the participation of La Ciutadella Ibèrica in the OpenArch project.

Exeter Dialogue with Science Roadshow: Foteviken

The OpenArch collaboration at Foteviken occurred when three Calafell staff were also visiting during the Viking Market-a major event at Foteviken. Our contribution was the Dialogue with Science Roadshow and was badged as Historical Workshops by Foteviken as a new venture.

On the Track of the Trap

Monday, 15 June, 2015 to Tuesday, 23 June, 2015

ICOM Annual Meeting, June 2015

Every year in June, ICOM Committee delegates meet in Paris. 2015, Drs. Luc Eekhout represented both EXARC and ICOM Netherlands. Following a reception in the Louvre Museum on 1 June with informal meetings with members of other international committees...

The wonders of Copper, workshop for children at the Terramara Park

On Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015 the Terramara Park of Montale opened to the public freely because of the Republic Day.

Understanding wear from the workshop on “Residues and Hafting”. University of Liege (Belgium), 2-4 June 2015.

Alice La Porta attended the workshop on behalf of the Exeter usewear group and gives the following report as part of our Openarch actions on usewear and the function of tools..