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Activities and Products

EXARC Website, as part of the bigger Portal

The EXARC website is the entry of a much larger internet Portal which includes two other EU projects of EXARC, a section presenting our Members across Europe, a Journal section, a large presentation of our previous and current EU projects, and the OpenArch and OpenArchaeology websites.

Making a plan for the WP7 - a meeting of two partners

A two days meeting took place at the Hunebedcentrum. EXARC representatives met with colleagues from the Hunebedcentrum. Being the coordinators of the Work Package about Communication and Dissemination, we needed to make detailed plans.

Partner meeting, Foteviken 2011

Steve Burrow from St Fagans National History Museum visited Foteviken Museum to begin work on the collaboration between the two museums on the delivery of Work Package 2.

First meeting with our project officer at the Agency

The whole MT went to Brussels to meet in person our project officer, Ms Jolien Willemsens at EACEA . The goal was to introduce ourselves and inform Ms Willemsens about the evolution of the project so far during the period named “Inception Phase” which is foreseen to be closed...

Partner meeting, Calafell, March 2012

Taking advantage that both partners in this work package were in Catalonia, Kierikki & Biskupin met together with a representative of the MT to discuss how to handle

Llys Rhosyr Seminar

A large part of St Fagans National History Museum’s commitment to OpenArch centres around the reconstruction of a medieval court dating from the time of one of Wales’s most famous princes, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth.

1st Meeting of OpenArch, Calafell (CAT)

From January 24th to 28th the OpenArch project fired the starting shot in the Mediterranean town of Calafell. The organisation prepared a very complete agenda with different activities and a detailed work plan with...

Sleepovers: developing a medieval sleepover at St Fagans

The goal of this project was to develop a venue at St Fagans that will allow school groups to stay overnight, thereby broadening and deepening the learning experience that is available.

Museum volunteers as entrepreneurs inside an archaeological open-air museum

Over the last years, the Netherlands has seen an increase of unemployment, also under young professionals. Finding a job is difficult because companies have a hard time obtaining new clients and projects.