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Activities and Products

Story of the Site - Montale

The AOAM partners in OpenArch have provided a large amount of examples of their Story of the Site. The PDF files attached to this report reflect the rich background of their presentations, as well as the solid scientific basis on which they are built.

Parco della Terramara di Montale: a place for intercultural dialogue

Parco della Terramara di Montale: a place for intercultural dialogue
Within the five years project OpenArch the Archaeological Park of Terramara Montale increased its dialogue with special kind of audience: migrants.

Universal accessibility at the Terramara park of Montale

Since its opening in 2004 the Archaeological Terramara Park of Montale developed universal accessibility as one of the fundamental requirement for a museum. In the last five years, also thanks to the comparison and the sharing with the partners museums and institutions of OpenArch, we increased our tools...

Casting bronze experience opened to a wider public at Terramara Park

In the occasion of the Family National Day (in Italy) the Park of Montale proposed a special week end: on Saturday the 3rd of October the Staff of experts of the Park gave the possibility to the general public to participate (under reservation) to the training workshop “Metallurgist by

Guideline Manual – A Handbook about Experiences and Results from the Workpackage 4 The Dialogue with Skills

On EXARC Journal (in Themed collections) it is now available the "Guideline Manual - Handbook about Experiences and Results from the OpenArch Workpackage 4.

The wonders of Copper, workshop for children at the Terramara Park

On Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015 the Terramara Park of Montale opened to the public freely because of the Republic Day.

More designs for DVDs made within OpenArch project

With the OpenArch project coming to the end we are working on the design of several small extra products, like another DVD cover and label. This time we prepared two designs:

Jan 2015 Dublin Experimental Archaeology conference

With 240 participants and papers from across the globe this was a ‘grand’ meeting as the Irish might say. There was a lot of Openarch representation, Calafell, EXARC, Exeter, Foteviken, Kierikki, St Fagans...