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Activities and Products

New experimental roof in areas G and F ("The Amphorae House") of La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell

One of the main challenges concerning management at La Ciutadella Ibèrica is the maintenance of the reconstructions. The climate conditions affect the structures so every year is necessary to plan a repair campaign.

Cordage experiment at La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell


In June 2014, during the OpenArch conference in Kierikki (Finland), the delegates from the Department of Archaeology of the University of Exeter chaired a session about collaboration possibilities within the OpenArch partners linked to the workpackage the Dialogue with Science.

They prepared protocols on some aspects for a joint experimentation. La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell was especially interested to collaborate in an experiment related to cordage with vegetal fibres.

Preparing the next Steering Committee meeting

Three weeks before the next OpenArch Steering Committee meeting with project partners takes place in the framework of the 8th OpenArch conference to be held in Wales, organised by Amgueddfa Cymru - St Fagans National History

TV interview: promotion of activities at La Ciutadella Ibèrica

In February, Manel Gómez, the PR person of La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell had an interview for El Vendrell Television program "Temps Lliure" (Catalan for "Spare Time") which recommends to the audience, mostly of El Penedès area, interesting places to visit.

Management Team meeting in Barcelona

The Management Team of OpenArch met in person for the first time this year in the district of Gràcia, in the city of Barcelona. For around four hours, the MT tackled several issues as foreseen in the agenda prepared by the lead partner.

The role of women in the Iberian Iron Age society and other contemporary European parallels

Every first weekend of October takes place the Iberian Weekend, an event happening in the sixteen Iberian archaeological sites that participate in The Iberian Route, a cultural tourism project coordinated by the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia...

VIII OpenArch Steering Committee meeting (Viminacium, RS)

The Green Room inside the marvelous Bibliotheca of Viminacium was a nice venue to hold the last Steering Committee meeting in person with OpenArch partners of 2014.

Making wine like Iberians: international summer work camp at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell

The Youth Department of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia organises summer work camps of international exchange in the region.

Terra Ibèrica (Iberian Land) 2014

Over 1000 people visited the Iberian Citadel of Calafell during the celebration of this AOAM main event of the year, the "Terra Ibèrica" Festival, an event which aims since 2011 in a festival format to spread the knowledge about the Iron Age ethnic group of the area, the Iberians.

VII OpenArch Steering Committee Meeting (Kierikkikeskus, Finland)

The OpenArch Steering Committee met again in person in the framework of the 6th conference of the project lifetime, held in the Kierikki Stone Age Centre, in Yli-Li (Finland)from 11 to 14 June.