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Activities and Products

Preparing the final report

With almost all activities and products already done at this stage, it is time to work on the submission for the final report. Partners have been submitting their reporting information implemented in the last months to the operational managers and coordination is crucial.

Learning craft skills: Esparto basketry workshop at La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell

La Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell organised the Esparto workshop on the 23rd and 24th of November, in collaboration with Valencia settled Dutch professional

Innovation, creativity and collaboration with local business in la Ciutadella Ibèrica de Calafell

During the implementation of OpenArch there have been some development as per innovation and creativity aspects, especially related with the dialogue with the visitor.

Closing Meeting in Calafell

The last joint activity with the OpenArch partners happened in Calafell (6-9 October) during the closing meeting of the project.

The everyday life of the Iberians: practising skills with the international summer workcamp

As usual in summertime, La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell hosted an international summer work camp where during 10 days, 24 young people from 15 different countries worldwide (Japan, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Taiwan, Belgium, Greece, Italy,...) made voluntary work with the aim to have

Iberian Land Festival 2015: Annibal ad Portas

Terra Ibèrica (Iberian Land) is the biggest event of the year happening at La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell and its main objective is to disseminate the world of the Iberians to a wide range of publics.

Iberian craft workshops days

In the 2015 Spring time activity program at Calafell's Historical heritage, we have offered to the public a wide range of activities, some of them related to the participation of La Ciutadella Ibèrica in the OpenArch project.

Project coordination: the partners' Steering Committee in Wales

The latest big event of OpenArch happened at St Fagans – National Museum Wales and one of the activities for the delegates was a site visit to the Big Pit Museum where we could learn about the story of miners in South Wales. In one of the museum rooms, it took place the project’s SCM with partners’ delegates.

Seminar: AOAMs and the museum world

The kick-off of the 9th OpenArch conference was a seminar focused on archaeological open air museums and their dialogue with traditional museums and museum world. This seminar was held in the Oriel Suite of National Museum Cardiff and was coordinated by EXARC and La Ciutadella Ibèrica of Calafell...