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Activities and Products

Seminar on Visitor Experience, routing and interactive storytelling

During the OpenArch conference in Archeon, a seminar on visitor experience and interactive storytelling was held, during which the participants were challenged to create their own story, think about visitor routing, find new stories to tell and generally discuss how the visitor experie

April 2013: (report) The Dialogue with the Visitor, Alphen a/d Rijn (NL)

The OpenArch project started in 2011 with 11 partners and 5 work packages Archeon the Netherlands and Viminacium from Belgrade, Serbia are partners in WP3. The fifth OpenArch conference in Archeon, from 22-26 of April, was a success, the targets were achieved...

Outside Board about OpenArch and its partners

At first in March 2013 Archeon requested a board (120 x 70 cm) explaining their visitors the idea behind OpenArch. Later in 2013 Hunebedcentrum and Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf followed. And in 2014 La Ciutadella Iberica de Calafell...

Prehistoric Fish Trap Reconstruction

In Archeon, Alphen aan den Rijn a base settlement has been reconstructed, from the Mesolithic period of the hunter/fishermen and gatherers.

A double lecture at the University of Leiden

At the invitation of Mark van Driessen, professor at the University of Leiden, Marc van Hasselt en Hannah Fraza from Archeon travelled to the university to give a lecture about Archeon and the EU projects Archeon has been involved in, with special emphasis on OpenArch.

Inclusion of local businesses and institutions

As part of the activities within WP3, Dialogue with the Visitor, AOAM often work closely with local businesses, institutions and organisations.

Reconstruction of medieval orthopaedic and dental treatment

In Archeon, one of the reconstructed houses is inhabited by the Medieval barber-churgeon. He is tasked with caring for the well-being of the inhabitants of Gravendam, who come to him for all sorts of care.

Archeon (NL) visits Viminacium (RS)

Thursday, 4 October, 2012 to Tuesday, 9 October, 2012
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Viminacium (Serbia) meets Archeon (the Netherlands)

After meeting each other for the first time at the OpenArch meeting in Modena (IT), April 2012, Viminacium and Archeon representatives met in the Netherlands to get a better understanding of their work together in OpenArch.

Bronze casting at Montale

Wednesday, 11 April, 2012 to Sunday, 15 April, 2012
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