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Activities and Products

Staff Exchange between Archeon and Viminacium

Friday, 4 July, 2014 to Monday, 7 July, 2014
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Staff Exchange between Archeon and Foteviken

Thursday, 26 June, 2014 to Monday, 30 June, 2014
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Seminar on Heritage Management and Visitor Experience

Through contacts developed at the OpenArch conference organized at Archeon in april 2013, two staff members of Archeon were invited to speak on AOAM and OpenArch in particular at Leiden University.

Crafting the Story of the Site

As part of the Dialogue with the Visitor, Archeon is working on creating tools that all partners can use to achieve two things:
A) Craft the Story of their Site;
B) Improve the Visitor Experience.

Charcoal burning project

As part of a long-running project on the development of ancient crafts, Archeon was approached to work with several international partners to disseminate the

Casting of a Bronze Bell

During the weekend of 21-22 december 2013, a bell was cast for the monastery in Archeon.

Experimental Action ideas from Students

In the winter of 2013-2014, students from Leiden University were given an assignment. They were to visit Archeon in the late season (october 2013) and work on ideas to develop new experimental actions within the context of the museum.

Social inclusion in Archaeological Open Air Museums

As part of the Dialogue with the Visitor, Archeon has made an effort to show how important social inclusion is for AOAM. In this article two case studies shall be presented, both related to accessibility.

Reconstructions and interpretation of Medieval Egg Tempera paintings

Archeon has started an exiting new project, linking historical and archaeological research to the visitors experience and interpretation of the past.

Conference april 2013 Archeon adverts

Adverts placed in the periodicals Geschiedenis Magazine and Archeologie Magazine, as well as a short article in VOA magazine.