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Activities and Products

Seminar on the Dialogue with the Visitor

As part of the work in WP3, Archeon organized a seminar on the Dialogue with the Visitor. This seminar coincided with two events for the public:

Rebuilding a Mesolithic hut

As part of the activities within WP3 and WP5, Archeon staff decided that one of the Mesolithic huts was in need of replacement.

Film: Interaction with Visitors in Archaeological Open-Air Museums

The OpenArch Project is with the support of the Culture Program of the Europen Union. As part of the OpenArch project, Archeon (NL) and Viminacium (RS) were partners in production of a short instructional film on the Dialogue with Visitors.


As part of efforts to expand the Dialogue with the Visitor, Archeon has decided to develop an audio tour. While many museums already include such tours as part of their visitor experience, the rise of digital media has created a new market for online apps that provide a similar function.

Skyping your ancestors

As part of ongoing initiatives to increase the participation of visitors during, but also before and after their visits, Archeon introduced the concept of "Skyping your ancestors".

Fostering creativity and innovation - Limes projects

One series of projects that fosters creativity and innovation in both the recreation and museum fields, are based on a common theme. In the case of Archeon in 2015, this theme is the Roman Limes.

Guidebook for Live Interpretation in AOAM

As part of the WP3 activities, Archeon decided to publish a guide on the use of Live Interpretation in Archaeological Open-Air Museums. This booklet should become an industry standard for museums considering using Live Interpretation, or museums who are already using actors to interpret the past for their visitors.

Seminar on Heritage Management and the visitor experience

After several successful cooperations with Leiden University, including a seminar on heritage management and visitor experience in March, another seminar was organized on october 7th, 2014.

European dimensions of the Dialogue with the Visitor

To elaborate on the European dimension of the Dialogue with the Visitor as presented through the live

Staff Exchange between Archeon and Albersdorf

Monday, 28 July, 2014 to Thursday, 31 July, 2014
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